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Fed & Bred

Stewing Beef

Stewing Beef

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Is there anything nicer than opening the door after a long day and smelling your prepared dinner in the slow cooker? Stewing beef is perfect for the slow cooker or very low and slow temperatures due to the muscle and fat content of the meat.

Stewing beef comes from hard working muscle, creating a delicious taste but a texture that requires slow cooking. Cooking at a slower temperature allows the muscle tissue to break down creating melt in the mouth texture. 

Enjoying the lush countryside for at least 7 months of the year and a natural diet all year around, you will taste this flora and grass come through in every mouthful.

We leave this as one large piece of beef, allowing you to dice or serve as steaks slow cooked. Perfect for hearty, rich stews, this is a staple in our home, especially during the winter months.

Sizes stated are minimum weights.

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Delivery & Collection

All our meat is supplied FROZEN.

Home Delivery - Your order will arrive in insulated packaging with ice packs. This will keep your order frozen for 24+ hours. We advise to pop into your freezer on arrival.

Click & Collect - Your order will be supplied in a compostable carrier bag. If insulated packaging or ice packs are required, they can be purchased on arrival for £3.

Why Fed & Bred?

We bring local, farm reared meats right to your door!

All beef and lamb has been carefully reared on our family farm in Straid, Ballyclare.

We are proud to only use heritage, native breeds which were created to work in harmony with our countryside and weather. We want to support the growth of these breeds for future generations.

All our other meats are from local, Northern Ireland farms.

Our amazing pantry products are from the finest artisan producers in NI!

Get to know your farmer, suppport the local community and have less food miles!

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