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Christmas Picanha Roast

Christmas Picanha Roast

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Limited Edition - while stocks last!

These roasts are from a very 'classy' Aberdeen Angus beast.  The incredible marbling makes these something very special, and most definitely something you don't see every day!

This is a truly show stopping, unforgettable roast which makes an amazing centrepiece - perfect for enjoying at Christmas with loved ones.

On the rump of the animal, this less used muscle creates a deliciously tender roast with incredible marbling and sweet fat. This sweet fat renders into a delicious caramelised flavour. It can also be sliced into steaks which work wonderfully on the BBQ or on a searing hot pan.

This Aberdeen Angus spent it's life roaming the countryside, enjoying lush pasture and flora and inside on a cosy bed of straw during the cold winter months. All this combined has created luxury beef with incredible marbling, which will melt away during cooking, leaving a taste experience like none before and a delectable texture with a rich, glossy gravy.

To cook, preheat the oven to 200. Render the fat on a searing hot pan before roasting, until caramelised. Cook for 15 minutes per 1kg roast (for rare)and finish for last 15 minutes at 170 and cook until your desired liking. Rest for at least 15 minutes before carving and serving. Or, cook just the way you normally cook a roast (every family has their own method!), you really can't go wrong with this roast!

We recommend 4 portions per kg.

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Why Fed & Bred?

We bring local, farm reared meats right to your door!

All beef and lamb has been carefully reared on our family farm in Straid, Ballyclare.

We are proud to only use heritage, native breeds which were created to work in harmony with our countryside and weather. We want to support the growth of these breeds for future generations.

All our other meats are from local, Northern Ireland farms.

Our amazing pantry products are from the finest artisan producers in NI!

Get to know your farmer, suppport the local community and have less food miles!

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