Our Story


Welcome to our farm. You are very welcome here!

Based in Straid, Northern Ireland, our farm stretches over 100 acres of lush, Northern Irish countryside. Based over 900ft above sea level, we enjoy warm summer months (mostly!) and harsher, snowy winters.

This is a fourth generation family farm, with three families currently living on the farm presently.

We are incredibly passionate about food and farming We love how farming, food and nature can work in complete harmony. Supermarkets and lower quality convenience type foods have upset the balance and we want this to change. We know as a small business, we won’t change a huge market overnight, but we can make a little difference. 

By buying from Fed & Bred, you are buying an animal which has roamed the Northern Ireland countryside for the majority of its life, only being brought in to protect it from the harsh winter and protect the land for the following years and future generations. You are supporting a farm which is passionate about heritage breeds, bred many generations before us to work in harmony with our ground conditions and climate. We want to ensure these incredible breeds are around for generations to come. Plus, as our cattle enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, the quality and taste will be second to none!

We are also a working family, and we know how easy it is to pop into the supermarket or have the supermarket deliver your meat to your door. This is where Fed & Bred will meet you in the middle. We will have delicious meat delivered straight to your door, frozen, you can store until you are ready to eat. Or, if you are local, place a Click & Collect order and come and collect from our farm.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning a little more about our farm. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can telephone on 028 9358 2138 or email us at Email: info@fedandbred.com

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @fedandbred and Facebook @fedandbred

Love from our family to yours,

The Armstrongs.